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Kutch is a district in Gujrat it is the largest district in India. Its major portion is called as Rann of Kuch which is a shallow fenland. This word is used in Sanskrit which means “tortoise” and the shape of the district is also like a tortoise. The word literally means something that from time to time becomes wet and dry and truly during the monsoon season. The Rann of Kutch is submerged under water.There is one town which is named as Lakhpat which is situated on Indo-Pak border. The name of the city is derived from the prosperous trade that daily made an income of one lakh kori, which is the old currency of this district.

Winters (November-Feb) is the best time to visit Kutch, especially on the full moon nights as the reflection of the moonlight on the white sand looks amazing. The Rann Festival is also organized during the same time and that adds for a lot of activities in and around here. Summers should be avoided as temperatures could reach up to 45 degree Celsius.

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