Tourist Places to visit in Jaisalmer

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Tourist Places to visit in Jaisalmer

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In a majestic place, Jaisalmer is a chivalric charm of Rajasthan with a golden city name representation, which is situated near Pakistan Border. Seeing the wonderful world come to this place with a great adventure tourist hotspot. In the evening you can see this fort’s royal beauty with the ancient sculptured. A slightly arrogant pride will be described to the Jaisalmer within the romantic honor. In your words, you can say this is a desert town which is famous for camel safari and jeep tours. Literally, bring to them as far west as the people get in India touch. With this incredibly hot and isolated form of magical form. In that case, you will be near perfect to the incredible Indian heritage with a complete passion of look overview in the stunning marvels of the royal city in Rajasthan. You see any houses, like as that sun-kissed houses overlooking to the huge fort sits in the central hill of the city. One place to the just go with the top tourist attraction in the Jaisalmer place. A detective story of Satyajit Ray is famous for the beauty and history of Sonar Kella, which is astonishing to the rich culture of Jaisalmer. In India, millions of old havelis and splendid temples are present here in Jaisalmer. A vivid picture of camels show the golden magical sunsets. A rich variety of mix picking thinks for the small mix of Rajasthani Culture.

Jaisalmer Fort

An old fort will come to say a story with the sun changing factor. When the sun changed the stayed cleverly, this fort is giving a color symbol with the direction of the sun. It’s a specialty of this golden fort. You know that it is a different name to represent a yellow color desert sand symbol with the “golden fort” & “Sonar Quila”. This is an iconic landmark for Jaisalmer city.

In entire town, monument and forts have decent ticket prices with very low parking charges. Because many tourists come to this place and feel little to stay in the fort with just fun in yellow sandstone walls. They have seen this for beauty with the funny signs of lighthearted jokesters with a relaxed mood. Be ready to tell the strange thing to be in a still busy positive vibe.

When you visiting the fort is extremely important for the first looking, because of the entire famous admiring team later classic to the world visit to the fort. To the feel of the relaxed environment, you feel to the much more admiring historic fort. Inside an epic to teeming the entire fort looking with the cultural way of the second oldest fort in Rajasthan.  

Royal Bada Bagh

In the 6 km north of Jaisalmer, a single brown desert providing an attraction of tourist way up to Ramgarh. Around them a dull brown of the sand mirage in the desert. All royal Rajput kings of 6 centuries come in this place and enjoy the faintest whirr of the wind. A one hold memory is forever by witnessing the sunset in this place of beauty. In particular, depict to the free from any slightly pyramidal shape. A superhit movie is shooting with the actually in this location with the interesting beautiful scene. If you moving from a distance, choose the right one camel safari. A green patch of natural beauty existence with the desert reign in fauna booming. In the entire presence of life is within an unexpected venture of tradition.

Excellent Desert National Park

In the 3162 sq km covering is spread across Jaisalmer and Barmer in the west Indian state of Rajasthan. One of the largest national parks is covering to the Thar desert. In the salt lake, your ecosystem is connected with the wildlife. You can say in your words, it’s a most ideal place to see in Jaisalmer with a safari world. In the lap of Thar Desert is situated in the rich fauna ecosystem. Hopefully, you extending over the star attraction of great Jaisalmer.

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